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Divorce in California:

The family law firm of The Bonar Law Group., located in Los Angeles/Orange County border in La Palma, California (by Buena Park & Cerritos).  We represent clients throughout Southern California, including San Diego, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Orange Counties.  

  • Divorce
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  • Child Support
  • Division of Community Property
  • Spousal Support
  • Paternity

Divorce is a difficult and involved process, both emotionally and financially for all parties concerned.  In addition to the sometimes emotionally charged issues of Child Custody and Visitation, you will also have to go through the processes that resolve community property division and spousal and child support matters. Having an experienced and understanding Los Angeles family law attorney on your side during this process can not only help ease your burdens but also preserve your property and assets.

Community Property Division
California follows a community property division of marital assets, which determines how family assets that were acquired during the marriage will be divided upon divorce.  For example, community property division decides who gets the house or the business, who can stay in the family home with the children, who gets which car, the life insurance policy, pension funds, profit sharing plans and stocks, and even who will be responsible for certain debts, such as IRS tax debts and credit card debts.

The key to a successful division of community property in your favor is the proper valuation of community property.  Almost every asset and debt obtained within the scope of the marriage will be independently valued and subject to community property division.  Separate property interests, whether kept separate by contract or individually owned premarital property, will not be considered community property.  Valuation of the family home or business, car, property and real estate, valuable personal property such as antique collections, and other real and tangible property may impact the amount of spousal support that will be due.  Our attorneys can help you value your assets and home in an appropriate way to ensure you receive the greatest property interests in them possible.

Spousal Support
In connection with the valuation of marital property, the determination of spousal support considers numerous factors such as the income of both spouses, the lifestyle and standards of living during the marriage, a spouse’s ability to work, the length of the marriage, and health limitations, if any, of each spouse, and other special needs of each spouse.  In California, like other states, spousal support is both deductible for the paying spouse and taxable as income to the recipient spouse.  Our spousal support lawyers can advise you on what you can expect in the way of spousal support payments and help you determine the factors that best represent your interests before the divorce court.





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